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Starkey iQ

Starkey iQ - Walnut Creek, CA

The new line — called iQ — is designed to create a truly immersive hearing experience for wearers, one that delivers the presence, clarity and personalization wearers may have previously missed during the moments that matter most.

Starkey's new iQ lineup includes Muse™ iQ, our 900sync™ technology wireless hearing aids; Halo® iQ, our smartphone-compatible hearing aid; and SoundLens Synergy iQ, our newest invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid.

Inspired by virtual reality research

Being truly present in the moment involves a sense of immersion — knowing where sounds are coming from to help you feel a part of your surroundings. iQ hearing aids help you do that with proprietary Acuity Immersion technology designed to:

  • Restore the natural benefits provided by the ear to improve speech audibility and spatial awareness.
  • Improve hearing directionality for a more natural, safer listening experience.

Spatial hearing is the brain’s early warning system, simultaneously sensing all the space around us and providing the feeling of connectedness. With Acuity Immersion, iQ wearers have the ability to localize sounds and reassert spatial perception.

iQ might be the most natural sounding hearing aids ever

The immersive quality of iQ hearing aids — combined with Starkey’s renowned industry-leading benefits like no whistling or feedback, superior speech detection, and automatic noise reduction — help people with hearing loss connect, hear and interact with everyday experiences as naturally and effortlessly as possible.

Products that use iQ Technology

  • Starkey Halo iQ - Halo® iQ, Starkey’s most advanced technology with supreme sound quality and premium features, is customizable to fit your unique hearing needs and keep you connected to the people and things you love most.
  • Starkey Muse iQ - Built on our Synergy® platform, Muse iQ Rechargeable — and all our iQ hearing solutions — help patients engage in life in a richer and more personal way. iQ provides immersive experiences, enhanced sound quality, reliable technology and improved patient satisfaction.
  • Starkey SoundLens Synergy iQ - Acuity Immersion offers a unique advantage for SoundLens Synergy iQ. The small hardware provides our algorithm with natural cues needed for spatial awareness — restoring the wearers sense of presence and connection to their world.

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