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Unitron Moxi

Unitron Moxi - Walnut Creek, CA

The design of the Moxi family isn’t the only thing that will get patients talking. This lineup, designed with patient needs front and center, includes two of the world’s smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles. Plus, every Moxi is driven by Tempus, the platform that’s best in conversations. Style that gets their attention. Sound that keeps them happy. That’s Moxi.

The best conversations. Ever. SoundCore is made up of four intelligent features that work together to understand a patient’s listening environment, making fluid adjustments that help them actively participate in every conversation, no matter how much background noise is present.

Unitron Moxi Now

World's smallest wireless RIC, with a 10A battery. Even though Moxi Now is the world’s smallest hearing instrument in its class, we still managed to pack in all the features and functionality you need to give your patients the best hearing experience possible.

Unitron Moxi Now - Walnut Creek, CA

Unitron Moxi Fit

Award-winning style, a 312 battery, push button and telecoil. Moxi Fit is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid offering wearers a fully automatic experience and discreet design.

Unitron Moxi Fit - Walnut Creek, CA

Unitron Moxi Fit R

World’s smallest rechargeable meets award-winning style. The Moxi Fit and Fit R are RIC hearing aids, with a small body that sits behind the ear. These hearing aids are smooth, lightweight and comfortable, with easy-to-find controls. They fit a wide range of hearing loss, from mild to severe, and come in a variety of colors like beige, espresso, and platinum to blend in with your skin or hair.

Unitron Moxi Fit R - Walnut Creek, CA

Unitron Moxi Kiss

Fully automatic, a 312 battery in award-winning style. The Unitron North Moxi Kiss has been replaced by the new and improved Unitron Tempus Moxi Kiss. While this hearing aid is still available, we strongly recommend purchasing the newer aid built on Unitron's Tempus platform, which is more accurate and significantly faster at recognizing and locating the primary source of speech, delivering the most realistic and natural sound yet.

Unitron Moxi Kiss - Walnut Creek, CA

Unitron Moxi Dura

Reliable and durable, with a 13 battery. The Moxi Dura brings Unitron's signature user-friendly design to a sturdy receiver-in-canal (RIC) option featuring a long-lasting battery.

Unitron Moxi Dura - Walnut Creek, CA

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