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At Kathy L. Amos, Audiology we have a passion for helping people hear their very best and for helping each individual reach their full hearing potential. People with hearing problems can find expert help at Kathy L. Amos, Audiology. Our Doctor of Audiology is experienced with almost every type of hearing and balance problem, and they work with you and your medical team to arrive at a diagnosis and develop solutions.

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation and Diagnosis Our Doctor of Audiology will take a detailed case history regarding your hearing health. We may ask such questions as, “How long have you been experiencing difficulty with your hearing?” or “What is your most difficult listening environment?” Your answers will provide valuable background information.
  • Hearing Aids/Assistive Technology Select and custom-fit hearing aids and assistive technology. We're dedicated to finding the right hearing instrument for every individual’s needs. That's why we offer hearing devices from the leading hearing aid manufacturers. If you’re looking for specific hearing aid styles, types or features, our hearing professionals will help you find the right fit.
  • Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention Explain how to protect hearing from the effects of noise.
  • Hearing Aid Batteries We keep a supply of batteries for you to purchase in our office. Stop in routinely for fresh batteries. Make sure to check the batteries in your hearing devices often and make sure there is no dirt, wax or debris interfering with the batteries performance.
  • Hearing Screening and Testing Screen individuals to identify possible hearing disorders. Testing will confirm if a hearing loss is present and determine the kind and degree of loss.
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder Kathy L. Amos, Audiology offers a complete CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) evaluation with an audiologist to older adults. We offer comprehensive treatment for CAPD with speech-language pathologists who are knowledgeable about how CAPD affects learning and language.

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